Looking to the future

Tomorrow. if the weather holds up, we plan to hike Strzelecki Mountain on southern Flinders Island and to visit the beach there. We walked to “work” today along the beach and caught these rays messing around in the morning and views of the mountain on our way home.

DSCN0567.JPG DSCN0574.JPG It’s a small world. I mailed two postcards out to the kids this morning. Five minutes later, someone walked up to us and asked us if we had mailed a postcard because we forgot to address it. We must stick out like a sore thumb.

Then, later in the day ,we finished up with all the groceries, after checking the lists a final time, and were buying some food for the next several days because NOTHING is open on Sunday; no stores, restaurants or cafes. A kind looking man tapped me on the shoulder and told us he had heard about us and knew we would be the next island caretakers.

Apparently, sometimes on Mondays, stuff falls out of a plane and lands on the island. It could be newspapers, magazines or lollies. The plane buzzes the island and then drops a parcel. Tim asked him if he thought it might include any ice cream. You never know.   

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