Ready and waiting

Everything is in order to travel to Deal Island, which just don’t know when we are going. So we are enjoying our time on Flinders Island as tourists. The beaches and rocks are beautiful, turquoise water, not too cold and more huge sculpted rocks. Only about 800 people live her so driving is pretty easy. Everyone waves when you drive by. It reminds me of the Adirondacks.

Sunset Whitemark

We had a red sky last night and today’s weather was mainly fine. Windy, but mainly fine.

Whale rock on the west coast.

Whale rock.JPG

There’s a wide variety of mailboxes on Flinders. The barrel or jug model is the most popular. I think they are very functional.

Barrel mailbox.jpg DSCN0552.JPG DSCN0554.JPG DSCN0561.JPG

Today we spent time in land which has been returned to the Aborigines. I just finished reading the English Passengers, a historical novel about Tasmania, it’s explorers. convicts and aborigines. Tasmanian Aborigines were gathered and shipped to Flinders island where nearly all of them died. The few survivors were ultimately returned to Oyster Cove on Tasmania, near Freycinet National Park. I finished reading the book as we walked the Overland Track, which made me feel as if I was in another time and place.

So the weather looks bad the next few days. We may travel Monday or….we’re ready.

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