Taking Thanksgiving on the Road

An early wish to family and friends because we leave early tomorrow, or late Sunday in the states, for a six day backpacking trek. I have added a few treats to my pack which even Tim doesn’t know about. I got to join an excellent chef for a Thanksgiving celebration at Coles, the local supermarket; Curtis Stone. I emailed and invited him out to Deal Island but he hasn’t responded…yet.


Today, I had an emergency visit with a local dentist because a tooth or crown cracked. Now, understand I am someone who has gone to the same dentist since childhood. I drive six hours to see my dentist. I never took my kids to the dentist because I thought they could pick up on my fears. Today I found one in a foreign country on the internet based upon the fact they can see me on a Sunday. Oh boy. They were very nice though and even offered to drive me home after my appointment because it’s about a 40 minute walk from here. I think I found a new dentist!

The walk was lovely with gardens along the way. I photographed a couple of examples of something that always puzzled me. Have you ever noticed two family houses where the owners couldn’t agree on the color or trim. It seems so odd to see two halves of a house, which do not match. This house had different roofs, railings and trim but the color matched.


The one below couldn’t agree on the same color but matched the trim. Maybe the wires were a problem.


Even the simplest houses had beautiful gardens. i think this may be a form of nasturtium.


One thought on “Taking Thanksgiving on the Road

  1. lynne, whoa, a new dentist??? big “Deal” for you (haha), seriously, hope the tooth is good now and that no more problems come up. beautiful pictures and we look forward to seeing pics of the camping trip. have fun/be safe. jimmy keeps asking me if you have seen any white-lipped snakes, hopefully you won’t see any……c/j


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