This morning’s calm

This morning’s calm

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We had a brief break in the fog today and could see the sun on the distant horizon. Then the wind picked up from the south and the fog lifted for a couple of hous before settling in again. Now it’s windy and foggy at the same time.

Yesterday was mower repair and jury rig day. I adjusted the valves on the rider mower(.004 is thinner than a piece of paper, right?), adjusted the carburetor, repaired a faulty switch and got it running. I chose not to go any further and went to sleep feeling pretty good.

This morning, with a few minor adjustments, it ran and mowed the lawn for 30-40 minutes before it died again. Hmmm. Right back where we started.

Tim took advantage of a break in rainy weather and mowed the upper 40 with a push mower, which is riding very rough. I scoured the house and museum for a spring we needed for the governor with no luck. I used a piece of wire instead so we could throttle the governor.

My goal is to get the equipment in running condition for next year’s caretakers.

In the whistle house, I used every power saw we have ( chop, rip and portable) to replace a small piece of fascia board that had to be a mitered and cut into trapezoid. All fingers and toes intact.

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