Heard on the radio

Heard on the radio

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We don’t have TV or very reliable internet so I often listen to the VHF radio. We stay tuned to a local channel where fisherman chatter. Sometimes they gossip or whine. The discussions run the gamut. The hard part is trying to understand their accents.

They talk about how the their traps are doing, the price of bait and what they had for dinner. One guy lamented that he went to a local restaurant and ate haddock but should have ordered the shrimp. Yesterday there was a political rant about centralized bait fisheries.

Boaters hail one another on the radio. The other day I heard, “Temerity, Temerity, this is Audacity”. How did they start hanging out together? Was it because they share a certain boldness. The variations are endless. The mind runs wild.

Of course I forgot that we use Ground Control and Major Tim ourselves on the radio.
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2 thoughts on “Heard on the radio

  1. Hi Lynne,

    Although my world is critically focused on my personal and global issues regarding organ transplantation
    I live vicariously thru your post, pictures and blogs on the life you and Tim are living and truly enjoy and appreciate your willingness to share your experiences with a wider audience.

    Thanks again for your participation with our Organ Donation Awareness Event with the NY METS and hopefully we can meet up in person soon.

    Best in Health,

    Ed Burki


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