Towing endorsement

Towing endorsement

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Tim has wanted to use his Captain’s license all summer. Yesterday he got to use his towing endorsement skills when Jim Bennet stopped by to visit. They hauled a huge log to Jim’s boat and then he took it further ashore.
The weather has been cool and we are happy to have electricity and the vintage USCG heater in the morning and evenings. Pretty soon, I will be wearing all my clothes at once.
We had 3 visitors. One adult was last here when he was 11 and took photos of the same views he had from that trip.
I finished clearing brush off the top of the tram. Time to return below. We are figuring out how to rehang the 8 foot sign at the cove, which advises boaters they can’t anchor there because of the electricity cable. Right now, it is dangling by one screw.
Please excuse typos – sent from my Palm

Tram and oveSouth trail

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