Long day’s journey

We and the cats had a long day today. We got up at 6 to finish packing and close the the keeper’s house. I got Shirley into her carrier when I spotted Loki outside. He saw me with the towel I use to get him in his carrier and bolted to the bushes. There are acres of bushes to hide in. Then thunderstorms barrelled through and he was gone. He’s the biggest chicken.

We gave up trying to catch him and brought our stuff off the island and loaded the car. We returned to the island in nice weather and he was out and easily captured.

Then they went for rides in a dinghy, boston whaler (they really howled during this one), three hour car ride. They were lowered off a pier by boat hook to Capt Ethan’s new lobster boat, took a ride in it and another dinghy and up the path to the keeper’s quarters on Seguin. We are all tired and happy now that we are back. We have a dismal internet connection but we have hot running water and a freezer!All aboard the Leeward

2 thoughts on “Long day’s journey

  1. So you are leaving the lighthouse and setting sail on a new different boat? So you are living on land now?
    So glad Earl wasn’t much for you!


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