Day trip around Cape Ann


We took advantage of beautiful weather this weekend and took a boat ride around “Cape” Ann, which is actually an island. It began with the Manchester lighthouse. This tower is not really a lighthouse but part of a big house. Rumor has it that the interior walls are carpeted so the acoustics are better when the owner relaxes in the tower with his music and cocktail.

Cape Ann Island P8140051.JPG

I think this s Graves Island off the coast of Magnolia Harbor


This house is the only occupant of a beautiful peninsula, Crow Island (not really an island).


We encountered schooners and pirate ships along the way. I think we were even fired upon.


We explored a Lane’s Cove with boats tied to a stone pier.


Then we returned to our summer home. Sailboats were out in full force because the wind picked up during the day.

P8140071.JPG P8140072.JPG P8140075.JPG P8140077.JPG


We had a luscious strawberry shortcake for dessert and went to bed. I tried in vain to see the Perseid meteor shower this month but it has been either cloudy or there is too much ambient light here, with the lighthouse’s rotating red and white light, flashing green and red channel buoys and the glow of Boston in the background.


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