The new look: born to run

Cooper recommended the book, Born to Run to me.  It’s about barefoot trail running and the negative impact the sneaker industry has had on our pocketbook and knees.  So I have been trying crocs with socks.  Not to attractive, I have to admit, but a pair of crocs costs $25 and I’ve been feeling pretty good.  The only problem here is that the newly mowed grass gets caught in my socks.

Last night we had the boat ride from hell.  It all started innocently enough. We went ashore to an afternoon play on Cape Ann. Then dinner with very nice but slow service and when we made it back to the dock to ride the whaler back to the island the fog was thick, THICK.  Visibility was less than 100 yards.  Luckily we had our handheld GPS with the waypoints of the buoys back to the island and the seas were calm.  We announced on the radio that our little boston whaler was headed outbound in the Salem Sound.  What are we?  Nuts?  But we made it back safe and sound.

We have had some water trouble.  Our well water didn’t pass the test so we had to get to the well and treat it.  We only had to lift three of these blocks to find it.

Concrete block over the well we lifted

Small craft advisory and thunderstorm warnings.  Time for sailing camp.

Crazy sailing school

Loki apres dinner

Faint rainbow, June 28

2 thoughts on “The new look: born to run

  1. Ok, so my heart was only racing a small bit when you began “boat ride from hell”, knowing that you were writing it. But take care!
    I really am enjoying your posts and pictures!


    • Believe me, it was an adrenaline rush for us as well. Thank you. We miss the Adirondacks but are loving our island living.


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