I think I need to Zumba

I’m finding it hard to exercise here.  First of all the days are short but I think we turned the corner a few days ago.  Sunset is currently around 4:30 and I often don’t have my act together by then. Need to eat, drink water, can’t be too full.  Yesterday we took a nice walk in the woods with snowshoes.   I’m very particular though.  Temperature has to be just right, I don’t like going out to play when it’s 0 F.  Snow is OK but I don’t like it to rain on my activity.  The hike shouldn’t be too easy but can’t be too strenuous.  If skiing, no sharp turns on a downhill.  And I shouldn’t see too many dismembered body parts along the way like we did yesterday.  We came across a deer, sans head and coat.  Further along, I spotted an arm bone (humerus) and wing bone (scapula).  Tim says all i do is complain.  It looked like it was being cleaned by the local coyotes.  The Zumba form of exercise is becoming more and more appealing.

Woodie in the Woods

Snow Flower

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