Settled in and leaving home

Now that most of the boxes are unpacked and rooms are pretty much set up, I am leaving for a couple of weeks.  We’ve met our 2 really nice neighbors, learned about the coyotes, minks, bears, porcupines, fox and deer that inhabit this area.  We’ve bought a snow blower and chainsaw and have been looking at pickup trucks and couches.

Sadly I must leave this behind for the next couple of weeks   But it’s for a good cause, I will be my daughter’s Sherpa.  I think she has accumulated more things then she can travel with so I am bringing an empty bag with me.   I am meeting her  in OZ and then we are traveling through Middle Earth.  Photos to follow.

I am only bringing wooden knitting needles on the plane and I hope to procure more wool in either Australia or NZ.  I have my IPOD,Kindle, paperback book, surprise knitting project, sock knitting project and antihistamines to help me sleep.  I leave Saturday and arrive Monday.  Happily I am meeting up with my good friends Carol and Steve during a layover in LA and then I’m off to see my darling daughter Chelsea who I haven’t seen since July!!

Hold on though, I need to check my mega millions ticket before I go because we still need a wood burning stove, hot tub, awd car and lots of wool.

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