Kristi visits

Kristi visited and one of the first things she did was spend a few hours mowing and she is one of the few people who mowed in a pattern acceptable to Tim.   There was a gale during her visit and we stayed indoors and painted and painted and repaired windows and doors.  I took time out to take pibtures of this still life:

Flowers with Barbie surfboard

The surf board is one of the first treasures I found on the beach.  I also found someone’ s vertebrae and some green sea glass.

Shirley has begun walking down to the beach when we leave by boat.  Our last trip, we left at 7 am and returned at 5 pm and she looked pretty tired.  I’m not sure if she waited for us the whole time but this is what she was doing when we got home.

Super cat

We rely on solar power and the weather has put a drain on us and our batteries.  We conserve the power for the fridge and the pump that allows us to have running water.  The well was tested and it looks like we can drink the water.  No more lugging 5 gallon bottles of water from the dinghy up the beach.   I’ve begun working on the outside since the storm we had uncovered several leaks.  I have caulked and reglazed several windows and have to get up on the roof in the next couple of days.

Today after a hard day’s work, Tim, Shirley and I went for a swim.

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