Why do seagulls cry?

Every morning since July 2, I have been awakened at dusk (4:30 am) by the harsh sound  of seagulls.  This can hardly be called a birdsong.  Nor is it only one bird.  The whole mob screeches together.  The other morning, there was a gale with whistling winds and yet the gulls still sang out.  There’s a colony along the rocks and they seem to cooperate and guard the baby gulls.  As soon as the sky begins to lighten, they are noisy until sunrise, then things mellow out again for a while.  The real question is not why do they cry but how can I make them stop.  Apparently it drove some others a little mad recently too, some troopers clubbed seagulls that were bothering them in Seattle.  I was thinking of a more peaceful resistance.

2 thoughts on “Why do seagulls cry?

  1. Maybe a change of your reaction to them if you can’t move away from the sound. They cry at dawn to welcome the new day; to establish that friends and loved ones are still alive and have survived the night (like a check in text). They don’t have the best singing voices, but there is joy in their calls.
    I live the dawn chorus here in my bush retreat, it is often loud and discordant, but it is full of the joy of the day.


    • I love morning birdsong but baby seagulls squawk, seek parental attention and food all day. It’s a plaintive sound to me.


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