If this Wednesday, it must be Te Anau

Our travel pace has quickened. We saw five cities and towns in five days.  We are among people and germs  again and we both caught colds.  We saw Launceston, Hobart, Auckland, Queenstown and Te Anau, where we are poised  to begin our walk on the Milford Track.    

We littered New Zealand with our stuff.  We downsized in Auckland and left our huge duffel bags.  We left a change of clothes in Queenstown.  Now we have the clothes on our backs and a spare set…for the next fourteen days. I’ve learned not to care when camping because I do not want to carry the weight of extra clothes.  So much for my sense of style.  I did bring a spare set of earrings, however.

It will be enough to carry all this delicious freeze dried food.

Freeze dried food