I just have to find a baby!

Those were the exact words of the subject line in a recent email I sent to my son. Why do I have to find a baby? Good question.

He asked me to bake a King Cake for my upcoming visit. I never made or ate one before. I checked the recipe online. It’s basically a frosted sweet bread, filled with a cinnamon nut mixture. Raisins are not kosher in a king cake. Sounds easy enough, a piece of cake!

The only ingredient I don’t have in the cupboard is a little plastic baby, which is either baked in the cake, so the unsuspecting lucky person can choke on it, or placed under or on the cake. Hence the email.

King cakes are served around Christmas (named for the three kings) and Mardi Gras. The carnival version has gaudy purple and yellow frosting. I have that in the cupboard. Time to find a plastic baby.