Maybe a Mabey Bridge


The bridge separating from shore



We spoke with engineers last week about our closed bridge.  I thought they told us we may be  getting a new bridge.  Or we were maybe getting a bridge.  But what they were actually talking about was a Mabey Support Bridge as a stopgap measure.  It seems like it arrives, prefabricated and is rolled over the new bridge relying on a longer portion of the road as its support.   It’s a good thing too because the rain we had the past couple of days is really undermining the support and the adjacent road.  Our neighbors walked home last night and luckily missed this new gaping 15 foot deep hole.




Since the High Peaks were closed this weekend, we explored our backyard and the views were beautiful.   We walked up to a very large beaver pond behind our house.  The dam raised the water level by six feet and the beavers had worked on some enormous trees.  Now it explains why I heard a tree fall one day from home.

The view above our house

Beaver dam with pond behind it


Tim dwarfed by an abandoned log

Tree fungi


What would a beaver outing be without some fungi?

Whose stool?