We wanted snow

And we got it. A whole bunch.

Earlier this week, we only had a few inches of snow. This photo is from Lake Placid. The moon was bright and Whiteface Mountain emerged from the clouds.

It was magical. The moon was so bright, the snow twinkled.

Yesterday’s storm brought about 16 inches of snow.

It’s been 3 years since I skied due to travel and surgery. I went out and broke trail. I felt like a real explorer until I fell and couldn’t get up. Basically in
my backyard. My skis kept getting bogged down in powder and I couldn’t release the binding. I ultimately slid to a nearby tree and hauled myself to a standing position. Pretty pathetic.

Meanwhile, Tim had no idea of the troubles I had.

I warmed myself by the fire and watched several you tube videos, which demonstrated how easy it is to get up while cross country skiing. Now I’ve got it. Piece of cake. How’d I forget?

So I finished a quilt and nursed my pride. This was lingering, I had to sew the strips together and I flipped and tied it for a special request this weekend.