The bluebirds are coming, the bluebirds are coming

The moving vans are close behind. Word started to spread about it a couple of weeks ago. I waited and waited. Last week I saw the first male check out all our birdhouses, which Tim had cleaned in anticipation of their arrival. They need a house that has already undergone a spring cleaning and don’t like to live too close to other bluebirds. Interesting. They would rather leave near other species than themselves. We should learn a lesson from that. But I digress.

They perched on the various houses and the nearby trees and fences, checking out the neighborhood. One female looked so plump we didn’t think she could get into the house.

I decided to go a little abstract here. Vivid colors and poor resolution. But I like it.

We thought the absence of wires might have been a deterrent but the budding trees sufficed.

I’m betting on this one for the first pair. They spent a lot of time in and on it, which just happens to be right outside Tim’s office window.

Before they left, they were seen discussing all the possibilities.