Swimming with the cuttlefish

Tim has been more committed to swimming than I. He brought a sleeveless wetsuit which is good for the water temperature and the occasional small jelly fish. I mostly dip. I watched a pair of manta rays off the jetty the other day and if internet ever cooperates will post a video. On the day I took this picture of Garden Cove, I watched 3-4 dolphins swim close to shore. Another video, another day. It was lovely to watch and to have the time to just sit and watch until I and they tired of it or moved on.

Some of the seaweed is so pretty, they make a nice still life photo. We’re lucky to have so much beauty around us.

Except for this guy, which is abundant in the waters around Deal Island. It is a giant cuttlefish. We see the bones (?) all over the island. If you ever kept a caged bird, it is the white shell they liked to sharpen their beaks on. Any way I keep a sharp lookout. On the beaches, it looks like people lost the insoles to their sneakers but is only the remains of the cuttlefish.

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