Population explosion

The island’s population doubled since I left two weeks ago.  First of all there are now two humans but that’s not what I am talking about. I would say on average every Glaucous winged gull couple has had two offspring, and there are seal pups on all the beaches.

I spent time yesterday watching baby seals nurse, some on the beach and another while in the water. Photos couldn’t capture it but it was a wonder to watch.

As annoying they will become later, the seagull babies are quite cute. Not as cute as my grandchildren of course but cute. The eggs are grey and speckled and so are the chicks when they hatch.  Interesting.


We had a low flying plane pass overhead today. That’s a no no and the powers that be will hear about this.


I got to put my trailer skills to use today. I had a tough time getting it to make the 90 degree turn I needed but with some coaching from Tim I got it into this tight space so we can fill the wood shed.

IMG_2544The weather has been so beautiful we won’t be adding to global warming anytime soon though.

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