Our nest

IMG_0189We are set up in a cabin that I think was built when there was a scheme to have 2000! houses on this little island. The water is not good for drinking and environmentalists wanted to maintain the sanctuary for the birds and the plan flopped. Now there are only three habitable structures left. We’re in one of them. The views from all around are amazing. Close ups of birds – they’ll be plenty of photos of seagulls especially – and distant views of mountains, water, and shipping traffic.

We have propane lights throughout and recently installed solar LED lights, which is a nice way to illuminate without using fuel. Two large batteries are charged by 2 solar panels and back up generators, one big, one small.  The fridge, and dryer use propane. The washer and dryer are powered by a large generator. There are usually wires strung about while we recharge our devices, phones, ipads, laptop, radio, camera, etc. Knock on wood all things are working smoothly.

We pump water to that old water tank and then water is gravity fed to where it’s needed. We’ve been provided with drinking water. Someone remarked we must be bathing in it but that’s our primary beverage, supplemented by a little wine and scotch.


The first floor has a combined living, dining, and kitchen area, which has been called a livitchen by my kids in the past; one bedroom, a small office area and a bathroom.


There’s an open loft space upstairs with two more beds and a porch.


Pretty comfortable all around. I’ve had to improvise some tools and pans in the kitchen. There clearly has not been a serious baker here before but I’m making do. A cold bottle of wine serves as a rolling pin and I have been making pies and quiches in square baking pans.


It’s a cozy place for us to roost but not so much for the birds.


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