On thin ice

We’ve had a sustained deep freeze and lovely snow. Today I drove across Lake Champlain (on a bridge not ice) and saw lots of tents – the modern ice shanty. Some were alittle  close to open water for my comfort. 

My latest passion is tablet or card weaving. I may try to make 52 bands in 2017. I’ve already made a few. 

I’m working on hat bands, a mandolin strap, a bag for my tablets, a bag for fireplace stuff, and want to make a new backstrap before we head off the grid. The new backstrap will let ME be the loom tension. Very handy and portable.  I did it in Tasmania but was using someone’s discarded nylon  camera strap as my backstrap-perhaps a bit too high tech.

We have a cardinal in the ash tree and an unhinged peacock in the white house. Trying to find balance and stand for issues important to me. And playing with and hugging grandchildren! ( and watching youtube videos to figure out 

2 thoughts on “On thin ice

  1. Lynne,

    Where are you going off the grid? Somewhere exciting, I trust. Your bands are beautiful!!

    I am actually moving to Maine next week (Topsham), and planning on becoming a “Wednesday Warrior” at Seguin. Hopefully our paths will cross again there one day. I have lots of room, food, tea, yarn if you ever need a place on land up there!

    Best, Ruth


    • That’s fantastic! We still go back each fall. I hope our paths cross. This Spring Summer will find us on Protection Island, off the coast of Washington. It’s a US Fish and Wildlife property and a major bird nesting area for the region.


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