Our gate stopped squeaking

Many visitors come up to the caretaker’s house on Deal Island – to say hello, ask us how we got here, ask about weather reports, walks, fishing. They are announced by our squeaky gate. We don’t have a doorbell but when the gate squeaks, we are forewarned. I don’t believe anyone has oiled it since we were here four years ago and I don’t plan to either.


It won’t be squeaking for at least the next week. Today the wind has gusted to almost 70 knots and similar weather is forecast for the next week. The wind whistles through the house. When we came back from checking the rainfall this morning, my vision was weird. My eyeballs were reacting to bp being pummeled in my head and showed me a central, spinning fan-like image.


Today was rainy and windy. The rain should let up but we can expect gale force winds for the next week. We could watch the pressure fall on the barometer in the radio room. Our anemometer showed sustained wind of 40 knots with gusts to 50. There was a time when I was mildly obsessed with the Beaufort Scale. We have force 6 – 8 winds, walking is extremely difficult. No mention of eyeballs vibrating.

The wind did something to this feather unless there’s a curly raven species.


This was all preceded by another lovely sunset. So much for, “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight”.

Gales keep the visitor count down and the fence quiet.

2 thoughts on “Our gate stopped squeaking

  1. Actually, we had gusts to 77 mph Tuesday night: hurricane strength. As Lynne pictured above, we have a nifty old anemometer which also shows wind direction in a nearby building, but who’s going to go check, at night in those conditions. Fortunately, there’s an uninhabited island—Hogan—20 miles away with a weather station linked to the internet.


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