When James arrived last week in the Strait Lady, in addition to the tomatoes and other goodies, he gave us a double foam mattress and said Wayne, the Ranger, would like us to build a bed for it. Well it fit perfectly in the Ute, so I figure if people want to sleep under the stars, we’re done.

I’ve been working on reducing the rabbit population in the compound. The males dig holes all over the grass and entice the females with a small hill of poo. Lovely. I was a true hunter gatherer. We had rabbit cacciatore for dinner.

Tim wasn’t really a fan, especially since he kept calling it bunny.

We made some repairs down at the jetty today and then had a little photo shoot in our official Deal Island shirts. Pretty snazzy.


Tim raked ten loads of highly flammable she oak needles out if the compound while I continued to plug gaps in the compound fence. We’re finally alone and seem to get a lot more done.

Then there’s always a sunset.



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