Me and my Ute


I mowed the airstrip the other day with the little Daihatsu Ute and a tow behind mower. Airstrip is a bit of a stretch. It is a relatively flat area, which has been used in the past as an airstrip but us primarily a wallaby feeding ground these days.


Then today, we had a phone call from someone who wanted to land here. We couldn’t authorize it and advised them to contact Tasmania Parks and Wildlife. We never heard anything but a small plane buzzed us today. It circled twice and gave us a wing tilt, then left.

I’ve been pulling sea spurge, an invasive plant, with the weedies who are here working. Yesterday we worked our way up a steep hill. It was sunny and hot so we had a nice swim before lunch in East Cove. Lovely.

Yesterday’s sunset was outstanding.


Even on reflection.


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