Mutant gloves

We spent a night in Montreal to hear the Symphony perform Petrushka. I failed to take my camera with me but our seats were awesome. We sat where the choir would normally sit in a “U” above and around the orchestra, facing Kent Nagano, the conductor. I could swear he cued ME on a couple of occasions.

It was the perfect vantage point to watch the percussionists. During one piece, one musician’s role was to break wine glasses and ceramic baking dishes in two metal garbage cans. I knew something was up when I saw him wearing protective eye ware. He even had music!

Before the show, we stopped in a military surplus store where I found these odd, two-thumbed mittens.

I thought it was an odd way to make “one size fits all”. Until Tim pointed out the second thumb was for a trigger finger.

And here I thought they were meant for this guy.


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