New beginnings

Ring in the New Year
The new year erases the slate of 2013 and we get to begin afresh. What a perfect day to start a few new projects, the first of 2014.

I’m experimenting with wool soakers: garments to wear over cloth diapers since we’re having a green grandson (not a Martian, just environmentally friendly). My first attempt is a felted design. I like this idea because I can ultimately cut the felted material to fit the pattern. I may attach it with snaps or buttons, not sure. My new snap arrived today since I figure I’ll be making bibs and things which need snaps. They better, I have hundreds.image

I knit a duck on the back, which looks mildly creepy. We’ll see how it goes once the elastic legs and snaps are added. I’ve even purchased liquid lanolin to treat the fabric to make it water (and who knows what else) proof.

Next up is a rainbow woven blanket. Two actually but I miscalculated and have to pick up more yarn to make a checkerboard pattern. Setting up the loom made me think of all the hope and dreams associated with a new project. With the yarn laid out artfully along the loom, you forget about the possibility of crossed or broken threads, uneven warps or other problems that may sneak up along the way.


We’ve had a bit of snow over the ice and cold, sub-zero weather. Tim wanted to test the cabin’s mettle so we spent the night in it when the thermometer dropped to -8 degrees Fahrenheit. It was a balmy 30 degrees on the main floor but toasty and warm in my sleeping bag in the loft. I hardly stirred while Tim kept the wood stove stoked all night.

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