Overdoing it?

Physically and craftily.

We joined a Master Swim Program and had our first session this week and I nearly drowned. Not really but I am not in swimming shape. I have never been a competitive swimmer. And I don’t swim freestyle. It was pathetic. My goggles flooded, my legs cramped up. Despite being given an easier program than everyone else.

Which leads me to my next issue: lots of projects. Including a new one. I may try to sew a bathing suit. I went to a fabric sale today and the woman had an old bathing suit pattern which is perfect for swimming and bathing suit material. I’ll be the only one there that made my own bathing suit. In red! Easier to spot on the bottom of the pool.

I also discovered a new ( to me) local (less than 50 miles away) yarn store, Plattsburgh Yarn and Gifts. Sweet little shop, which carried the Malabrigo yarn I wanted for a baby Kimono and the Plymouth Encore for a colorful blanket. Plus their business card had instructions for the kitchener stitch on the back!

My new sewing machine was able to churn out this little gem of a bowl. It has cloth wrapped around clothesline then zig zagged together.

I’ve almost finished the front of my Irish Moss sweater. I haven’t used a cable needle at all and have tons of cables, including four over three.

My friend gave me a wool coat, which had washed funny. First I checked out whether it fit me but since it didn’t, it became strips for a braided rug.

I received another request for an amorous deer hat. The deer heart is pickling away and very tasty. It looks like I’ll be enjoying it on my own.

Geraniums look great.

The christmas cactus I bought a year ago is getting ready to bloom for the first time and I bought at least a hundred bulbs and 350 pounds of top soil to spread in the new raised bed Tim built.

And there’s fiber to spin, quilts to sew and a Board recertification exam to complete. Where does the time go?

2 thoughts on “Overdoing it?

  1. I really enjoy reading your blogs, and today’s was especially full of tempting ideas for me. I am about to embark on my first project to try cabling without a needle. Do you recommend a particular video or other resource ?


    • I often turn to Knittinghelp videos but they do it differently from me. In general, I like to work with “two different generations” of stitches. So if I am crossing two over two to the left, I move the two unknit “parent” stitches to the right needle, knit the next two stitches as normal then insert my left needle into the “parent” unknit stitches from the front, drop the two knit “child” stitches for a moment. (They usually don’t go anywhere) then pick them up again with my right needle and knit the two remaining “older generation” stitches as usual. Now they are cabled and all of the “new generation”.

      I have found that knitting one side of the cable and playing with stitches of two different rows, essentially, has less pull on the stitches and is more forgiving. It’s what works for me but a lot of it is trial and error. I hadn’t done it in a long time and had to play around to get it comfortable for me again with this sweater.


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