Island crafts

It’s another beautiful fall day, 50’s and breezy. A great day to be stuck on an island.

No visitors or crickets yesterday but a couple of float planes passed overhead.

I wandered through the museum and thought about how keepers and their families spent their time. Just like me, there was food preparation, although they had a barn, animals and a garden. And down time to pursue hobbies, fiber and otherwise.

This linen is displayed in the museum. The center panel was taken from a linen cover, which protected the lens and oil during the day. Mrs. DeShon crocheted the lace around it in the 1940’s.

This quilted panel was donated by local ladies. It’s hard to see but there’s a lighthouse in the stitching.

Dorothy Hart made this trolly in the 1950’s from scrap material and used it as a planter.

I frequently scrounge around looking for things to improvise since we never have exactly what you need. Here’s my weed snipper strap.

And a mat from old rope.

And my swift and nostespinne.
My food requires some improvising too. For the first time ever, the cupboards were bare when we arrived. In years past, there was always lots of spices, oils and vinegars. This year, not even a shaker of salt was left behind. I totally support this but it caught me unaware. I had to bum salt and pepper.

So the first night, cashews provided the salt for braised pork. I’ve put aside some wine to use in salad dressing. Gingersnap cookies provided the spice in an apple pie. And it’s all delicious.<br

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