Woman’s work

Somewhere this week, perhaps in a medical journal, I read that couples who perform traditional domestic roles at home are happiest. I am very happy. But not traditional.

Yesterday I conquered the remainder of our, phase one, wood pile. This is wood we acquired 2-3 years ago and its time has come to warm the house. I developed a new way to shorten the logs because I was having all sorts of trouble with the chain saw – most importantly, I can’t start it the first time if it’s cold outside.

I split everything but the gnarly, root like pieces of wood, made a pile, then cut them to length with the table saw. Pretty sweet. I filled the wood box, made a nice pile for future use and am ready to attack the next phase of wood, popple (poplar) which splits like buttah. Very rewarding.

My back was a little broken and I wore holes in two pairs of wool gloves. Time to darn them and make a pair of traditional Adirondack buff mittens, the loggers, like me, used to wear.

This photo is from the Adirondack Museum.


I have two knitting projects, one weaving project and a quilt in the works.

I’m working on a pair of bird mittens for a birding enthusiast. I was thrilled when I figured out how to flip the chart to reverse the pattern and to reverse the color scheme of the chart, digitally, with the flick if a switch. I was so clever, I forgot to knit the opposite chart on the second mitten.



I put the mittens aside and started a birthday hat yesterday.
The loom is warped and I’m dazzling myself with an advancing twill.

I have a lot to learn to keep happy.


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