Impromptu helipads

I manage to live and work very close to helipads. They aren’t used often but when they are it’s an event.

On Seguin Island, the bricks marking the helipad, which is still used, were unearthed a couple of years ago. We keep the are cleared and mowed.

The pad is very close to the lighthouse and after a warning buzz, no phone calls here, it sets down on the pad.

It’s a different story at work, where I have participated in helicopter landings twice. By “participate” I mean move my car from the parking lot, which also serves as the helipad.

An announcement comes over the intercom that a helicopter is landing and immediately, the workforce and visitors grab their keys and head out the doors to move their cars. At least here we get a phone call so its not really a scramble.

I just have to remember where I parked my car at the end of the day.

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