Don’t surround yourself with yourself

move on back two squares.  We watched a documentary about Bobby Fischer last night and it revealed how devastating mental illness can be.  World champion chess player ends up as a raving, psychotic, paranoid anti-semite/american who actually cheered on 9/11.  Horrible.  The soundtrack included this old song by Yes.  I could identify and sing most of the words to the song but couldn’t correctly identify the artist.  I realize this is largely due to my switch to digital media and this is a group whose works I only had on vinyl and then they slipped away.  To repurchase or not?  That is the question.

I am lucky enough to only work one day a week and that day happens to be Monday.  So I  experience the somewhat universal “oh it’s Sunday and I have to get ready for work tomorrow” but by Monday evening it’s Friday and the weekend begins! I think I may be living the theory of relativity, time dilation or the Lorentz-Fitzgerald contraction.  My week’s relative length may change.  Does it pass more quickly or more slowly?  Am I aging more quickly, like the brother who is left on the ground, while his brother circles the earth (or more slowly)?  Or do I just have too much time on my hands?

Move on back two squares.

2 thoughts on “Don’t surround yourself with yourself

  1. Hi Doc, the line is from YES..’I’ve seen all good people”‘….1971…I played 2nd board in HS ….move on back two squares…implies you may be getting your butt kicked and should retreat and rethink your position. Glad you’re leg is feeling better and you are better able to get around . Bobby F was amazing especially in the cold war era. The mind is certainly a powerful tool; both ways for good/evil. I’d be interested to know the name of that show, was it just the old series BIOGRAPHY? thx, Ed B SPK transplant


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