Fiber frenzy

Let the games begin. How will I ever accomplish all the projects I have in mind, especially since I just brought home (but haven’t reassembled yet) a floor loom? Is it materialistic when you acquire objects for the sole pupose of making other objects? I count a full set of knitting and crochet needles, 2 sewing machines (including a vintage Singer Featherweight), one spinning wheel, three drop spindles, a rigid heddle loom and now a 4 harness floor loom.

Now I have a backlog of projects people have requested or I have in my mind. I see myself jumping from one project to another in a fiber fantasy frenzy. What fun!

This weekend alone I knit two cowls and three earwarmers. An earflap hat is on the needles and a shawl and leggings are in progress. A table runner is on the loom and a quilt is pinned and I have more fabric for the next one. I need elves.

During my trip south I found a moment to see the Fire Island Lighthouse, my old neighbor.
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