On a clear day, I can see Mount Washington

And I think it’s about 80 miles away from Maine. The skies finally cleared, after five days of rain and fog, and it was worth the wait. The air was so clear we could see straight to Mount Washington.

Mount Washington

We were watching the sunset from the catwalk of the lighthouse and then got too cold because the clear air is associated with cold air. Last night was in the 40’s and it didn’t get warmer than mid-50’s all day. We are very aware of the temperature since there is only one space heater in the keeper’s quarters.

We decided to watch the sunset from the lantern room, which is always toasty with the light burning, and then the optics were almost more interesting than the sunset itself. The original fresnel lens is incredible. It’s delicate and powerful. It takes a 1000 watt light bulb and amplifies and transmits its rays about 70 miles. It also turns a sunset upside down.

Optical sunset

Light and sunset

This last sunset photo is actually looking east! It’s a reflection of a reflection of a reflection. And so on and so on and so on.


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