Microwave mystery

Microwave mystery
Getting to know an old home again has it’s benefits and disadvantages.  I can’t figure out one of the icons on the microwave. I’m not sure if I ever knew what it meant but now I am curious. Middle row, right.

I understand the cup with wavy lines over it will heat my coffee.  Defrost and clock are fairly self-explanatory although I would never trust top-brown. So what does it mean? I tried baking a potato with it to no avail.  It looks too smooth for popcorn but I will give it a shot.  The only thing it reminds me of is the Rolling Stones image but what would I cook with that?

One thought on “Microwave mystery

  1. no one has any ideas?? you’ve got me curious but i don’t have any good ideas. jimmy says “when in doubt, check the GFI” haha!!!!


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