Post Milford Track

We are relaxing after our four day, 33  mile walk on the Milford Sound. We experienced two days of rain and debated the meaning of the forecast: showers clearing or showers, clearing.  Either way, we got wet.  

I didn’t tackle side trips so opted  not to climb McKinnon Pass, elevation 1000+ meters, when the sky was clear the day before we really had to climb it. It was clouded over by the time I got there the next day and then we had to climb down it.

Naturally, my camera broke for good on the boat ride across Lake Te Anau en route to the start of the walk and I was left with only my phone.

We slept in huts with 38 other walkers.  I won a top bunk most nights, which was a challenge to get out of in the middle of the night.  I am looking forward to the Routeburn Track, where we get to share a bed with eight other people.  But tonight, a hot shower, glass of wine, private bed and lots of ibuprofen.

RainbowMcKinnon Pass

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