Mowing the tracks from a sardine can

We spent part of yesterday mowing and today working in the workshop. Tim drove the Ute and looked as if he was shoehorned in the truck. There are no seat adjustments and both our feet hit the bulkhead. I went along as copilot.

Getting ready to mow  Tim stuffed into the truck P1270131.JPG

We walked down to Little Squally Cove and surf was crashing.


Little Squally faces the southwest and collects all the debris from the sea. Today Tim cleared the track leading down to the cove. Only a few visitors seem to walk her but it’s a dramatic cove and there are all those treasures washed ashore.

Today we spent some time working in the shop. I am working on a new invention and Tim was changing a flat. It’s a well equipped shop, usually has what you are looking for but you might have to check every bin.

Words of wisdom in the shop
P1280142.JPG P1280143.JPG
Sky over Deal
Wallaby watching

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