Low ceiling


No new boats in the harbor. Just the birds. High winds and rain for the next couple of days. Tim has been clearing trails and I have been planning and getting the garden ready – and checking the beer and spinning up some beautiful yarn. Two sailors who have been anchored on the other side of the pass stopped by today. They needed a weather report and concluded they would be enjoying the anchorage here for a few more days. It’s hard for me to imagine sailing in a place where you can’t communicate with anyone else – even to get a weather report. We will get to act as a relay this summer.  



I am using my Kindle a lot. I have over 100 books on it and also use it to store my recipes and knitting patterns. I didn’t bring any cookbooks or knitting books and have been doing just fine. When I find recipe or knitting project, I download it to my computer and transfer it to the Kindle. I wrote out the important recipes in my journal just in case, but today, I succeeded at a batch of bagels. I think I have got the hang of it now.



And if the skies stay cloudy and the solar array doesn’t do its job, then at least I have a trusty night light – for a few days.PC170047.JPG

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