Remember my little yellow bird?

I posted about it on October 21 Well it made it to the New York Times and I was there right at the beginning without even knowing it.  I just thought there was this amazing little yellow bird.

I am spending a lot of time thinking about packing without actually packing . I have to get my fiber fixes in before I leave.  I’m knitting a sweater for a friend which I would love to be able to ship before we get to Deal Island (which means I may mail it from mainland Taz), hooking a rug and trying to spin dog hair into a yarn for a friend. It’s not quite like spinning straw into gold.   I did the first batch without washing it and the yarn is nice but it smells like dog and the cats were going wild while I spun.  I will wash the next batch first.

I traveled to West Point to watch Chelsea play rugby against Army, where MP’s searched my car before they let me in.  They loved my license, which had a piece of white tape stuck on it with my new address…before I washed and dried it with my AMEX card.  Now there’s just a piece of blank white tape on my license.  Very suspicious.  The AMEX card works fine, even though it’s slightly warped.

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