Crossing t’s and dotting i’s

The past two weeks have been all about the details: making sure all the bills get paid, the house stays warm, the cats are cared for and my spinning wheel gets spun.  Final dentist, doctor, vet appointments,  and vaccines…for all of us. What if we don’t have internet?  Download all the recipes and knitting patterns I need to my kindle.  Will 167 books on the kindle be enough??
While I am at it, upload recipes into a Google Document so they are accessible to all.  Load movies onto a hard drive since netflix won’t deliver to a remote island. Will 167 movies be enough?

Then philosophical questions such as,  should we bring our camping gear or not? (yes) Do we have too much stuff? (probably)  Can I carry my stuff? (not really)  It begins.

First I’m traveling for hugs before I leave.  Last night  we went to a roller derby tournament in Providence.  It was way less violent than I remembered and much louder.  Today it’s ultimate frisbee and Thanksgiving on Long Island.

Next a flight itinerary which gets us where we want to be three days after we begin.  Ooh boy, I hope the TSA is looking kindly upon knitting needles these days.  The TSA has a blog???

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