May need my new mittens today

It’s cold and blustery this morning, northeast wind at 20 knots and 55 °f. I’m not sure of the wind chill but I call it nippy.

Yesterday, despite small craft warnings, we had workers and visitors. Jim and Cyndy do the work of many. Jim and I puzzled over the rider mower and got greasy, to no avail. Today, we’ll check compression and adjust valves-well Jim will and I’ll assist. Yesterday, I had fun while we took apart the carburetor, valve cover and tried to open the head but couldn’t do it without damaging the gasket. We don’t have spare parts o we took it easy. Did you know a dime=a spark plug gap of .30?

We are motivated to fix this because if we can’t, we have to get this huge tractor down the tram, down the beach stairs and onto a boat. We are seriously discussing using goats for ground maintenance!

Meanwhile, Tim and Cyndy cleared sumac around the helipad, finished painting fascia boards and built a new cover for the cistern behind the whistle house.

Today, more mower repair and we have to replace fascia boards that blew off the house during Friday’s winds. I think I’ll bake scones.

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