We had to go ashore today to deal with lots of administrative PITA’s. The good news is that we may have sold our boat, bought land behind our house and arranged for new car insurance. We went to a library to print a power of attorney, contracts and insurance ID cards. Normal paperwork always becomes a small nightmare. We don’t have a printer or fax and can’t send mail from the lighthouse. Once again the internet pulls through. We printed all the attachments and headed to a local UPS store, where for exorbitant fees, we got a notary stamp and a few faxes.

We bought extra line for our whaler and tied it securely. We took everything that might get blown off in big winds off the boat. I saw more people today, preparing their boats for the storm, then i have seen all summer. Once again there’s this window of anticipation. it’s still nice out, skies are clear but we are expecting at least a tropical storm, with 65 mph winds. It will be a good test of all the repairs we did after the last nor’easter. We can only hope that the dinghy and whaler are still there when we need them.

At least these houses have been standing since the mid 1800’s. I’ve got movies, books and knitting to complete.


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