Adaptable cats

Shirley and Loki are so easy.  They cruised on a sailboat for 2 months last year and now they are back at their favorite lighthouse.  I forgot their cat door (it’s not much use in the Adirondacks, where they may be eaten by coyotes, fishers and martens) but was able to fashion one from plywood.  We’ve gone minimalist on the approach and it hasn’t slowed them down one bit.
Loki was traumatized by locals blowing up fireworks on Friday but since then, the professionals have been shooting them off in the distance.  Last night we watched them at Manchester and tonight we expect to see them at Beverly, Marblehead and Boston.  We have ringside seats and the noise is much less.
My camera died yesterday and I will have to trust the Geek Squad to replace it with a new one.  I managed to upload some photos before it’s last breath.  Of course the sunset was magnificent the other night and I couldn’t take any photos.  My firework shots never really worked anyway so I’ll just get to enjoy them tonight.
Tim’s got the rowing machine back on the island, I’ve been running the trails and life is good.

Skylight view

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