Time to do it all over again

We finally completed our first pass of mowing.  It took five days!!  Yesterday, I took the day off and we’ll be back at it again today.  Now we have to chop up the 3 feet long grass that is lying on the ground and take it down a notch.

The seagulls start their racket 4:30 am.  The other night, we heard a laughing gull.   We both stirred, laughed with it then rolled over and went back to sleep.  Yesterday, a dolphin washed up on the beach.  Very sad.  I hope the high tide overnight took it back out to sea.  Maybe it will take the deer with it too.

The projects begin.  At least the house is in pretty good shape.  Tim’s been on the roof to fix flashing (no easy task getting back down), we are having some trouble with our well water and need to install more batteries.  Not too bad.  And it’s sunny.  Small craft warnings today, so we’ll stay on the island.

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