Warm hot tub

Once again, it’s all about timing.  We ordered a real hot tub and are trying to give away the claw foot one.  The excavator came the day before our major snowfall and said, wait until the spring thaw to set up it’s final resting place.  So here it is…in our driveway.  At least it’s pretty private.  Next problem, setting it up.  First we had an air lock and no water spewed forth from the jets.  We figured this out in the dark when it was about 10 degrees outside.  This meant it also wasn’t heating – after it was filled, luckily, with hot water from our outside tap.  So I had a mildly sleepless night thinking about our new hot tub freezing out there.  The water temp only fell to 80 degrees but not warm enough for my taste.  After about 10 phone calls to the manufacturer and 3 trips to hardware stores, Tim fixed it and this morning, 3 days later, it’s 103 degrees.  When Chelsea and I were in New Zealand, one town boasted tepid springs.  Now I know what they are talking about.

Avatar 3D

We saw Avatar this week.  Not to be missed.  I laughed, I cried and I spent $20 for matinee tickets.

Touch mohair scarf

This is knit from yarn I bought in New Zealand.  I love it!  Very light and warm.  Maybe I’ll wear it in the hot tub.

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