A Different Sunset

We picked up a mooring in Wood Island Harbor, ME, which was another of the prettiest harbors we have seen.  The next day we ran around like maniacs on our bikes.  We are in the process of buying a house in the Adirondacks and paperwork is never easy from  a boat.  First we had to find a store to receive faxes and relay that info.  We faxed contracts back and forth, went food shopping, talked to a bank and even had lunch.
Yesterday we had a rocky sail to Gosport Harbor, Isles of Shoals.  We were able to sail at 5-7 knots all day.   The cats took cover and slept in my sleeping bag.  We picked up a mooring here and took the dinghy ashore to Smuttynose.   We were here earlier in our trip but didn’t  explore Smuttynose.  It’s hard to imagine that at one time 1500 people lived here in a vibrant community.  Today there are only a few scattered cottages among the Isles.
Today it’s off to Rockport, MA where we will tuck in for a few days w

Wood Island Harbor, looks tropical

Sea and Sky

Star Island Behind Smuttynose

Smuttynose, ME

Red Smuttynose

Berries to eat or not to eat

Shirley and Loki after a hard day at sea

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