Cliff Island Sunset

We hunkered down on the south side of Cliff Island while a cold front passed through.  Naturally, we looked at real estate because it is an ideal place to live.  It’s within the boundaries of the ciry of Portland, with ferries, garbage trucks and probably taxes, but feels like it’s a world away.   We met lots of very friendly people, but alas it’s out of our range.
We headed to the deepwater port of Portland.  Last year we heard large ships hail the Portland Pilot boat and this week we got to see it in action.  There were tankers, large barges and at least 4 cruise ships that came into the harbor during the 3 nights we spent there.  We got to enjoy the navigation lights.

White over red, pilot ahead

We spent several days at a great marina where a stranger let me take his van, with his wallet and breakfast on the dashboard, to go food shopping.  We’ve had offers in the past to borrow vehicles but it was raining and this was the first time I took someone up on it.

We had time to meet family and friends.  We visited my cousin Gary’s off the grid “camp” complete with dishwasher and walked the trails on his property.  Then we met up with Tim’s college roomate’s son who is a luthier in Portland.  We got to tour his shop and see some of his beautiful craftsmanship.

Different ways to travel

Yesterday I learned that my foulies float.  We had left our mooring without much preparation and they had been drying on the bow since I got soaked on Saturday in Portland.  When I went to the bow to get something, they had mysteriously disappeared.  We turned around and performed a foulie overboard drill with a coast guard crew watching.  All souls accounted for.

Cruise Ship Listing to port

This Cunard ship came in the day we left and Tim noticed that it was leaning a little to the left and this was without passengers.

Clean that waterline!!

Portland Head Light

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