Our Whaler thought it was a dinghy

Well we’ve been found out at the marina.  We were getting away with sneaking the whaler onto the dinghy dock while we ran errands in town.  Today it learned that it can’t play with the dinghies anymore and has to hang out with the big boats.  Ah well.  We will see how much of a big boat it is because there is another tropical storm heading this way this weekend.

Today we did some work on the sailboat after Tim mowed the lawn.  We actually got to take a boat ride, well I stayed in the big boat whaler, and Tim moved Water Lily to a larger mooring in preparation for the weekend’s storm.  I have tomatoes on hand so no more ketchup meat sauce.

When we went ashore, Shirley the cat came down to the beach and once again she waited there until we got back.  We have stooped to whispering when we leave so she doesn’t hear us.

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