Hop, skip and a jump


We took a puddle jumper flight from Launceston, TAS to Flinders Island and what a flight it was. There was a fresh breeze, 30 knots or so, and we were buffeted about in the sky like a butterfly, to quote Tim. I was pressing Master of the Heart 6 (the acupuncture point for motion sickness) most of the way and had nail marks in my arm from the pressure.

We finally (only a 30 minute flight) prepared for landing, descended, touched lightly then flew off again. Apparently birds were occupying the landing strip and we had to have another go around. We landed safely and were greeted by friends with a car for use during our stay on the island.

So now we are driving a manual transmission, on the left, while sitting on the right. We can’t drive during twilight hours because wallabies hop all over the roads and in the morning are strewn about as roadkill.

So now we wait for calm(er) seas and light(er) wind to take the boat to Deal Island. In the meantime we are exploring beautiful Flinders Island with lovely beaches, mountains and people.


Perhaps my mohair woolen blanket will be finished before we leave.


We’ve checked our good purchases and they look fine. We’re delayed until at least Tuesday so I should be able to add some fresh vegetables to the collection before we leave.

3 thoughts on “Hop, skip and a jump

  1. Ha ha – love your Sharp flight description. Good chance to enjoy Flinders – shame it is a long weekend in Tas as very little will be open. Hope you make it to the small island soon.


  2. I guess it’s all part of the experience! I’d be a mess on the plane too, I’m not good with motion sickness either. I hope your boat trip will be calm and enjoyable. 🙂


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