Revised Beaufort Scale

Well we’ve been in Edgartown for a week but for several days we didn’t leave the cabin except to check mooring lines.  The run of bad weather has past and we are taking off  today and will be working our way back to NY.   We are in the process of buying a house in the Adirondacks (getting paperword done from a boat sure is fun) and I am looking forward to settling into it for the winter.    After rationalizing  that I didn’t need and wouldn’t miss my stuff (life’s possessions) that I packed away in storage more than a year ago, I am looking forward to reuniting with it.  Actually, I can’t even remember what is there and, except for old photographs, have found that I certainly don’t need it.   I am looking forward to getting back to  my spinning wheel and working on the fleece I have already scoured from Terhune orchards.

Photos to follow.  I’ve been waking early lately and saw a house alit with yellow with pink skies (not red).  It’s nice to see some blue for a change.  I’ve worked out a new Beaufort scale for wind speed.  At 15 knots the cat litter blows out of the box when it’s on the trampoline.   At 20 knots, Shirley’s ears get pinned back and she can’t walk against it.   At 40 knots I like to sleep or listen to my ipod, loudly.

Autumn colors

All in all we are having a wonderful time cruising, with the cats, but last week I had a run in with a boat hook and fractured my cheek bone.  I was basically OK until I blew my nose and my cheek puffed out.  That was it for Tim, I was off to the Mid Coast Hospital ER, where I had my very first CT – I have the CD here for those quiet nights when we run out of NetFlix.   Friends and staff couldn’t have been nicer.  Cyndy picked me up from the ER and Ethan replaced the broken boat hook with one made of Ash, just like the Lousiville sluggers.
Tim was feeling a little sheepish because he thought people may have thought he was responsible for my disfigurment but when we stopped at a Marina in Maine, the first thing they suspected was that we had run aground and that I had been tossed around.  Mainers!
I want to live everywhere we have been.  We have been to offshore islands and beautiful coves.   We’ve seen beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  A few nights ago, Tim could hear seals breathing and diving next to the boat.  Last night was a bit of a disaster because for various reasons cat litter went flying.  Now the cockpit has never been so clean.